Progressive Solutions is a series of YouTube videos presenting progressive ideas and solutions. Each video will tackle a different topic. They vary in length, from less than one minute up to 15 minutes long.

The list below will grow as I record more videos, so feel free to stop in any time.

Meanwhile, let me know what you think. Do you love them, hate them, have a solution you want to see addressed? Let me know; email me at

My Videos:

Iconoclast, or, Why I Created Progressive Solutions

I try to present progressive ideas that can make the progressive movement, and our society, better – even sometimes challenging progressives to do better. How am I doing?

The Art of the Deal

Two major, (mostly) progressive bills are sitting in Congress, needing Democratic solidarity to pass. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the one who can make it happen.

Recycle Wealth

How can we best reshape the economy to help everyone in the 21st century?

Billionaires In Space

Billionaires are racing each other into space, and a lot of people think they should spend their money helping others instead. We can have it all.

Go Local

If you want to get things done, set yourself up for success.

We Endorse Nina Turner for Congress

Progressive Solutions issues its first endorsement: Nina Turner for Congress.

Conventional Wisdom

What's happening in some school districts this fall can teach us all something.

The Politician You Hate

How do you deal with that elected official from your Party who keeps blocking your Party's agenda?

Your Right To Vote

The history of voting rights in the U.S. is both far simpler and far more complex than most people realize.

Get In the Game

The crazy way I ignored good advice is a lesson for everyone.

What the Heck Is a Value Added Tax?

Lots of politicians want a Value Added Tax, or VAT. But what is it? And is it a good idea?

What's Wrong With the Sales Tax?

Do we need to tack on extra costs at the register? Even more – should we?

We Can Eliminate Poverty

While politicians play politics with 17th century ideologies, we have the ability to eliminate poverty. And we must – poverty in this age of extreme wealth is a sin.

How the Fed Ru(i)ns the Economy

The Federal Reserve system is something like a shadow operation, acting independently – and they have a LOT of power. How does the "Fed" work, and what, if anything, can and should be done about it?

Minimum Wage

How Much Are You Worth?

Fix the Filibuster

Under the current system, the Senate is where legislation goes to die. We can fix that.

The Real Unemployment Rate

Top 3 Reasons Why the Unemployment Rate Is Wrong

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

A brief history of the 20 people who have been impeached.

The Mortgage Is Too Damn High

There are a lot of reasons, including one that nobody is talking about (and it may be the biggest reason of all!).

Why Is Trump So Popular?

If we're going to win more elections, we need to win back at least some of Trump's supporters. To accomplish this, we need to understand them.

The New Monopolies

How do monopolies still exist?
What do they really do to hurt us?
How can we stop them?

The Future(s) of Mass Transit

Mass Transit is making a comeback. Can it continue? Or will an emerging technology quash it?


You may think that gerrymandering can lock seats in for the majority party. Not so fast.

The Looming White Minority

White people won't be a majority of Americans much longer. But don't think that this is a political boon for Democrats.

The War On Drugs

We've been fighting – and losing – this "war" for almost 50 years. It's time to look at alternatives.

The Shrinking Middle Class

The Middle Class probably isn't what you think it is – and almost never was. This video explores the history of the Middle Class: What it was, what it became, and what it can be.

Affirmative Action

After almost 60 years, Affirmative Action is hard to find. How can we restore and strengthen it?

Getting the Magic Bullet Right

Why don't progressives win big with higher education initiatives? This video tries to figure that out – and to offer alternative pathways to success.

Who Are Those People Behind Me?

Answering viewer questions. People have been asking about the pictures behind me; now you can find out who they are and why I have them on my wall.

Participatory Budgeting

Letting voters decide how to spend tax money. How do they do it? Here are the "rules" for three cities.

Universal Basic Income

What effect would a UBI have? How do we know? What can we afford?

Ranked Choice Voting

How can we make choosing our leaders better? Here's one approach that helps.

Day Fines

What if the punishment fit not only the crime, but also the criminal's ability to pay?

Eliminating Capital Punishment

The death penalty in this country has a varied history, and much of it isn't what you think.

Campaign Finance Reform, Part III

In addition to public funding of elections, there are a lot of other things we can do.

Campaign Finance Reform, Part II

We can strike at the root problem – and "Citizens United" is a surprise part of the strategy.

Campaign Finance Reform, Part I

What's right, and wrong, with current campaign finance systems? What gets in the way of making them better? What else can we do to keep Big Money out of politics.

Lobbying Reform

Lobbying reform is more complex than you might think – but there is still a lot we can do to minimize the influence of high-priced, corporate lobbyists.


Taxes – how do we fix the system? Progressive Solutions examines a pathway to a fair tax system.

How Democrats Abandoned Progressivism

Part 2 of the history of American political parties and progressive ideas. This one focuses on the Democratic Party (part 1 focused on the Republican Party).

GOP History: How Republicans Became Republicans

This video examines over a century of Republican Party history and its relationship to progressive ideas.

Introducing Progressive Solutions

This first video in the Progressive Solutions series introduces the series and talks about what you can expect in the videos to come.